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When can my child enroll?

Anytime throughout the year, however we prefer placing children in classes at the beginning of a term. Enrolling early is recommended as many classes are full and a waiting period may be required.

Which class will my child study in?

We divide students according to age and language ability. New students are required to complete a short placement test, so that we can determine which class they should join.

How is my child’s progress monitored?

Students are evaluated weekly and tested monthly. Their results are recorded and make up the academic part of your child’s end of term report.

What qualifications do your teachers hold?

Home of English teachers often have many years of teaching experience, teaching credentials, and have received professional training while working with us.

How good is the high school degree from the International Program?

The International Program is fully-accredited from the United States and issues a high school degree that is recognized by many colleges and universities.