Playschool & Kindergarten

The preschool years are a magical time when intelligence, personality, imagination, and creativity develop dramatically. Scientific research has shown that young children assimilate language far more readily than older children and adults. The early years are a critical time in your child’s English language education. Our Pre-School and Kindergarten Programs provide a head start for your child’s education-along with plenty of fun!

Our goal is to provide quality pre-school education and day care services for children aged two to six years at an affordable tuition. We offer a safe, secure, caring, and interactive learning environment that encourages creative thinking, experimentation, exploration, social interaction, and self-expression. Our preschool curriculum is partly based on the renowned Montessori Method for young learners.

The Preschool classrooms have been carefully designed to be both child-safe and easily accessible for young students. In the library and classrooms students have access to a wide selection of colorful children’s books to stimulate, entertain, and build their interest in reading English. The Arts Corner is stocked with a wide range of art supplies; including paint, crayons, markers, glue, play dough, color paper, stickers, and craft materials to facilitate your child’s artistic creativity and self-expression. In the Audio Visual & Music Room students can enjoy fun and educational DVD learning programs, music and movies in English. Students are encouraged to express their musicality by dancing, singing along and playing instruments.

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