Physical Education

Home of English students take physical education classes as part of their rotation of weekly classes. In the youngest grades, students play games that develop fine- and gross-motor skills, learn the basic rules of popular sports, and participate in activities where they can practice teamwork and sportsmanship. Our program includes instructional practices, where coaches work with students on skills, rules, and sportsmanship; intramural games to build camaraderie; and interscholastic games, which offer appropriate levels of competition against peer schools in a fun and positive environment.

Music Program

Our Music program provides our students with an excellent foundation that they’ll be able to turn to for the rest of their lives. Fundamental skills including everything from basic technical proficiency on instruments to music notation are introduced to children starting when they’re very young. Performing in complex group settings gives kids an invaluable understanding of how different instruments come together to create a cohesive piece of music. This helps students learn to listen, and gets them excited about working with their peers to create and perform.


Here at Home of English we take a great deal of pride in giving our students the time and space for creative visual expression. We have developed our Art program to encourage both the appreciation and creation of the visual arts at every grade level. Our students not only learn about a wide range of artistic mediums, but are also taught advanced techniques and values that allow them to understand artistic works at a comprehensive level. This process brings out the inner artist in every child and is a major emphasis of our robust Arts program.

Chinese Program

In our Beginner Chinese Program students will learn the fundamentals of the Chinese language. This program focuses on understanding the Chinese alphabet (Pin Yin), tones and pronunciation. Students learn the writing order of Chinese characters or strokes and basic communication. Home of English students will gain exposure to another language and culture, while laying the foundations for one of the fastest growing languages in the modern world. Students will develop the ability to successfully use their knowledge of diverse cultures and languages to think, act globally; to become thoughtful, responsible, and successful global citizens.