Our English Curriculum Includes: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Social Studies, Computer Studies, and Conversation.

Our Children’s English Program starts with children from six years old and up. We have full and half-day programs based on our proven American curriculum which provides a well-balanced and complete English education. Classes are limited to 20 students, ensuring personal attention from our teachers. Our curriculum takes students from beginning levels to achieving total fluency in English in a remarkably short amount of time. We foster the six C’s of 21st century education: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, character education, communication (oral and written), and cross-cultural understanding.

Home of English is an immersion-English environment. Students, staff and teachers make every effort to speak English in and out of the classroom. Beginners learn not only from their teachers, but by interacting with their peers – many of whom are already advanced speakers of English. Students delve further into subject matter while developing individual critical thinking and collaborative skills. We build good study habits and organizational skills in the pursuit of the love of learning. Our close-knit community of faculty and staff helps guide each student’s educational journey. Our teachers encourage and empower students to think deeply, ask thoughtful questions, and develop the foundation for lifelong learning and positive citizenship.