Khmer Education is crucial for our students in their daily lives and to prosper in all areas of their future endeavors in their beloved homeland. Our Khmer Program starts in Kindergarten and builds on that foundation throughout the grades. By the end of Grade 12, students will gain strong knowledge in core studies such as History, Math, Science, Literature, Social and Language skills necessary not only for further education but also success in life. Our curriculum is approved by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Since 95% of our students pass the Grade 12 National Exam each year, we believe that our teaching methods speak for themselves.

Home of Khmer was started in 2003, at the behest of concerned parents, who approached our founder Steve Billington. We were informed by parents that the available Khmer schools were more teacher focused. Many students were struggling and often required extra tutoring at an additional expense. Our solution was to take the Ministry curriculum and expand on it using our proven teaching methodology and shift the focus to the students. Now we have been open for over 20 years and have a program available at each of our branches from Kindergarten to Grade 12.