Elementary & Middle School

A comprehensive education for your children Grade 1-8. Grades 1-8 are formative years in which students build skills, understand new concepts and explore the world around them.

Calvert educators have brought together the best textbooks, resources, and materials to create an educational experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. More than just reading, writing and math, Calvert students explore the worlds of science, geography, world history, art, mythology and much more. This stimulating and accredited curriculum will provide your child with an in-depth educational foundation for international living.

High School

Keystone National High School is America’s leading education program for overseas students Grades 9-12. In addition to superior curriculums, textbooks, and materials, Keystone offers the advantage of being a fully accredited American High School. Upon graduation, students receive an American High School Diploma. Keystone credits have been accepted at more than 140 colleges and universities, including many prestigious schools. Keystone has been proven to be the ideal prerequisite for students planning a university education abroad