The preschool years are a magical time when intelligence, personality, imagination, and creativity develop dramatically. Our Playschool and Kindergarten Programs provide a strong foundation for every child’s education along with plenty of fun. We support the child and family by offering a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment.

Our curriculum provides interactive activities that interest children, challenge their skills and develop a love for learning. Learning is further encouraged through art, music, movement, sensory play, and outdoor exploration. In our library and classrooms, students have access to a wide selection of colorful children’s books to stimulate and build their interest in reading.

The Arts Corner is stocked with a wide range of art supplies and craft materials to facilitate your child’s artistic creativity and self-expression. In our Learning Centers, students are free to explore educational toys, loose parts, manipulative activities that develop independent learning, creativity and social skills. We believe in the importance of play in learning, and include social-emotional practices in our school activities.